Mysterious knock!


Once upon a time, in a far away land, there was a village between the forests hidden by the big canopy trees .There was no electricity in the village and people lived a simple life. They went to the city nearby once in a week, they slept early and since there was only candlelight that helped them do their work at night, they preferred eating their meals early and going to bed. In the same village there was a big house in which lived family of five, youngest son named Sam and his brother, Nick and his Mom and dad, they lived in their paternal home which his Father inherited from his grandfather. Their old house stood at the end of the village from where the deep forest began. It was so close to the forest that they would hear creatures of the forest at night and that is why they never went out of their house after the sun set. Though in the day time, the view from the windows was mostly serene and lovely. At night it would turn scary. Darkness possessed the forest and there were many local legends said by the villagers often about the werewolves, the headless ghost, ghost with no face and the knight on horse that came out of the forest at night to look for the king who killed him.

Every night Sam would go to sleep, his older brother would somehow play pranks on him to scare him. They all were afraid of the dark and often used to go to bed listening to the local legends at night. Sam was afraid of ghost and these stories and often would be frightened. Sam was just seven years old and his older brother was a year older.

One day Sam heard a knock on the window beside his bed. It was not new, both his brother and Sam would hear the same knock every year at the same time in the month of September. His mother would say since the windows are old, the sound is made by the damp wood which adjusts itself after rain. Sam and his brother noticed the same knock for the next few days and one day they started wondering why was it that the knock always occur at around 8

One day they decided to open the window and see .But the thought of what could be behind the window horrified them and they dropped the idea, the knock continued every night at the same time when finally one day Sam gathered the courage to open the window, his hands shivered as he reached out to the knob, his forehead was sweaty and his brother watched through the pillow covered half of his face.

As soon as there was a knock, Sam pushed the knob and opened the window only to stay bewildered at the sight of what came right in front of his face.

Sam saw himself, only pale and cold right in front of his face, a thin ghostly figure appeared as if it were Sam himself, Nick fainted and Sam started screaming, the figure disappeared .

Sam felt like he just saw a mirror.

Sam’s mom and dad came running to their room and saw nothing but an opened window and chilly air coming in, she rushed to close the window and asked what was going on, Sam told her what they did and saw, she was astonished and didn’t believe her sons. She made them settle on bed and stood awake with them all night since Sam and his brother could not sleep at all.

After that day they didn’t hear that knock again for several days. They almost forgot what happened and thought it was a bad dream until the Halloween day. They heard the same knock on the window again. The knock grew harder and Sam and his brother frightened hid under the bed, the knock got harder and harder and the window started shaking and flew open by itself. A ghostly figure entered the room and floated towards an old painting hung on wall, opened a small secret compartment on the wall and took out a box, grinned back at the kids who were hiding under the bed and left the room.

Sam and his brother screamed and ran to their mom, when their mom saw the secret compartment, they were all surprised for they didn’t know what was behind that painting all these years, this time she believed her kids and showed them an old photograph of their uncle who died years back when he was of Sam’s age in an accident. While playing, he fell down the same window and died.

Sam’s mom and dad guessed probably Sam’s uncle was visiting every year at the same time when he died and knocked the window in order to get his belongings but since nobody opened the window he could never get in and nobody knew that there was a secret compartment behind that painting. Sam’s room happened to be his uncle’s room once.

Sam and his family never heard the knock ever again. And they never forgot what they had seen.

So every time there’s a mysterious knock on your window or door, watch out before you open, especially on Halloween nights, for you never know what or who it might be!

It is the Halloween night when the dead visit the living!


Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Mysterious knock!

  1. Wow, that was a great little story! If you wrote it yourself, you certainly have a good imagination. I enjoyed reading it. It will make for a good story for kids 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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