The Rose that never withered

rose that never withered
This is the story of a blue rose tree which never withered.

come rain come shine
years and years passed by
The blue rose tree stood by.
Blue and sad
surviving flood and famine
staying as soft as satin.

In the middle of a deep forest blue rose tree stood since ages and nobody knew it was there.The deep forest connected the village called “Haven” to the town .Villagers hesitated to go into the forest although it served as a good shortcut way to the town,still villagers preferred taking the long way through the roads to town in fear of the creatures and animals that lived in the forest.
Blue rose tree stood in the darker and deeper part of the forest alone and lonely, sad and blue.
In the same village Haven, lived a wonderful girl called Lucy who was 13 years old .Lucy loved reading and playing with friends,she was a curious girl who loved school .
one day lucy and her friends went into the forest to get some help with their biology project.while studying about different and rich varieties of flora found in the forest,Lucy somehow went into the deeper part of the forest away from her friends.
she reached the place where blue rose tree was standing despaired and deserted.
she was astonished to see such a beautiful blue glowy rose which looked so attractive yet so sad.Lucy heard her friends calling and in a hurry she plucked a rose and ran to her friends.she didn’t show anyone that blue rose because she wanted to keep it for her science project and show it to her science teacher as her discovery.she rather kept the blue rose on the study table but forgot to take it to her school next day.
Three days passed and lucy almost forgot about the rose when finally she saw it lying on her table after 6 days.To her surprise,the rose had not dried,it was fresh and smelled the same,nothing about the rose had changed,it was same bluish odd rose .Lucy decided to go to the same tree once again and bring more roses.Next day when she woke up,first thing that was on her mind was to get more roses and so she told her mom that she would get late in eve as she was going to her friend’s house after school.As soon as the school got over,lucy rushed to the forest and started looking for the rose tree,it took her almost an hour till she finally found the rose tree in the darkest deepest part of the forest stranded and secluded.she was tired and sat beside the tree and started looking at the tree,she couldn’t believe it never withered.It was getting late and dark,lucy had to leave so she reached out her hand to pluck some more roses but the tree bend backwards,she couldn’t believe it and thought she must be imagining things and reached her hand out again ,but the tree bend backwards again,lucy leaped and grasped the branch of the tree when someone screamed “stop!” lucy was startled and fell on the ground,wide eyed lucy frightened and in a shivery voice asked, who is it?
There was no answer,lucy asked again,this time there was an answer in soft voice,“why are you hurting me?do not take away my flowers.” Lucy apologised and asked,“i am sorry,i didn’t know you were alive,who are you?”
The tree replied,“what do you mean by alive,of course am a tree and so am a living thing just like you.”
lucy asked for forgiveness and said she won’t repeat it again,she was very curious by now to find more about the tree and she gathered the courage to ask further,“ are you a magical tree,how come you never wither?”
The tree replied,“promise me first you won’t tell this to anyone ”. Lucy promised and sat beside the tree.
The tree started its story,“I am Rosaline,princess of the kingdom of Rosella.
i was the beloved child of my father and mother.Loved and adored by all except my uncle who killed me.Rosaline started weeping .
lucy sat sad and surprised but didn’t ask further question, although her mind was flooded with many questions,she sat quietly and waited for Rosaline to speak further patiently.
Rosaline continued further sobbing,my uncle killed me here and buried me and nobody knows that i died and was murdered.The whole kingdom waited for me as their lost princess while i was resting here weeping and growing into a blue rose tree.I want to see my father and mother.i want to tell them i was murdered.My uncle brought me into the forest secretly telling me that he knew where the blue roses grew,he did give me a blue rose but when i smelled it,i died.
Lucy was grieved and sympathized Rosaline.
Both became friends .when lucy was leaving,she promised she would look for Rosaline’s home and told her that many years have passed by and the kingdom of Rosella is long lost uninhabited secluded place now.
Next day lucy went to the ruins of what once was the kingdom of Rosella and found the grave of the late king and queen,Kingdom of rosella turned into ruins soon after Rosaline’s death as famine and flood struck the entire kingdom.It seemed like even the ruins mourned the unfortunate fate of Rosella and there was grave silence everywhere.
Lucy rushed to tell Rosaline of what she had discovered,Rosaline was very happy to know and wished to be taken to her kingdom and planted beside her family’s grave,Lucy did the same,as soon as the Rose tree was planted there,a shiny glittery white dust like figure came out of it and a voice came out of the figure,“thank you lucy now i am with my family and can go back to heaven with them,you will always be my best friend.”
Lucy was happy seeing Rosaline being united with her family .
As soon as rosaline left the rose tree which beared blue roses turned warm yellow ,Rosaline decided to take care of the rose tree in memory of her friend and visited that place since then to water the tree .
Lucy never told this story to anyone but still has that blue rose she brought home once with her,although now its withered but still well kept by lucy in her memory box.
The end.

-Arohi, © All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for stopping by,hope you enjoyed reading it.



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