The weak women


What is real weakness of a women? Is she really weak? The man dominated society will answer with a nod, a definite and certain answer being yes.

She is weak, I agree, but not physically, only emotionally.

Women cannot do this, cannot do that, they are weak, they won’t be able to do man’s job. – said most men and some women.

This is a story of a weak woman named Pooja,

Pooja, Age 22 years, mother of two, works as maid and earns her livelihood.she wakes up early, cooks and cleans her house first but always in a hurry, leaves her kids at school, comes back and then cooks and then again hurries for her work. While her husband lays on bed sleeping.

Her husband wakes up, eats and then goes out roam here and there, comes back and leaves for work. while pooja cleans other homes and does her work, rushes to her children school to pick them up in between but all by walking and then rushes back to the place where she works to finish the remaining work.

She does everything at her master’s house except cooking and is responsible for each and everything, right from cleaning furnitures to the doors to the floor and washing clothes etc, even if someone spills something over the floor, she hurries and cleans it up before even asking. Dedicated at her work, Pooja gets little respect from the society although she is hardworking and honest.

Her husband is of no help to her in any activity, right from feeding children to dropping them to school to cleaning her house to earning money, pooja does it all by herself. YES HER HUSBAND WORKS and then spends half of his salary in unnecessary drinking and other stuff, while pooja saves her money and uses it to get through the entire month. She cares for her little home and her small family.

I asked Pooja once, how was her life in village from where she came from, she said she used to work in brick factory. She and her family worked there, she said I never get tired easily, working day and night at that factory has made my body too strong. And she chuckled.

Pooja shares many adventurous story about how they would leave early to collect sticks from forest and how they dreaded an old snake and many other things. In todays world, it all sounds to me a bit weird, Imaginary but Last year during my Internship I did get a chance to see such Villages and women who were returning through a narrow path coming down from a forest. They all had stick bundles on their head and that instantly made me remember what pooja would describe.

These women work so hard to earn their livelihood. It is applaudable.

Occassionally Pooja gets beaten for no reason by her husband. Her life has never been easier. She has faced difficulties right from her childhood, being born in poor family but that never stopped pooja from dreaming good for her children and working her life out to support their needs even if her husband was not very concerned about the family and their needs.

Look at her, she keeps smiling. she keeps moving. she keeps working. she keeps loving.

Yes Pooja could leave her husband. The one who earns and is so hard working can feed herself and her kids on her own but she won’t because she is weak, emotionally.

Every Pooja is weak not physically but emotionally. Never be mistaken to think even for once that women can’t support themselves, they can, they only want and seek love in return and I salute such women.

Thank you.




4 thoughts on “The weak women

  1. Nice guy 😦 Maybe he did not leave the bed to let her space to clean the house 🙂 I am sorry! We, romanians, make jokes when we are upset. Maybe she stay with him only because she want a father for her kids. Who knows? Or, as you say, she is weak, emotionally. Three hours ago I was writing this comment when the lights goes off. I finally did it, Arohii 🙂

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    1. Hey sweetie, tysm for going through the post, well the first case is not true sadly and you are right about father thing . I know about light thing, I read your post, 🙂 You wrote this comment on your cell phone, so sweet of you my dear friend, xx

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  2. Superb Aarohi! (I know I spell your name wrong each time 😋)
    This is really the scenario around, now I feel its lesser in the urban areas.
    But I would say women can do anything. When I say anything then its like to infinity and beyond.
    Thank you for posting. 😊

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