Nostalgia : Me and my bestie



This Nostalgia is sweet,

This nostalgia is not sad,

Feeling of living those moments

again and once more

This nostalgia makes me smile

I have never said it before

I say it now

I do miss hostel days sometimes

My bestie and my friends were the

best thing that occurred during the

time of struggle and hardships

And remembering those days

when we would forget everything

sit for hours and chat

eat and dance

watch movies and make stupid plans

shop and fight

sit for hours in canteen and library

Miss our parties and going out in evenings

Everything oh yes everything,

was amazing

I want to live it all back again

Home is where I am

I am loving Home, always have been loving it

still I am nostalgic for the moments

we spent together,my betsie and my friends.

Our time together is never quite enough.

Dedicated to my bestie and my lovely sweethearts.



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