The marigold is associated with the sun
being vibrant yellow and gold in color.
They are also called the “herb of the sun”,
representing passion and creativity.

To me, Marigold is associated with many
childhood memories.
we used to have a garden of Marigold in winters.
Now we have them planted in pots.
I like the yellow Marigold,
Marigold is considered sacred in Hinduism.
What does marigold mean to you?
Any special memories? 🙂 comment below.



4 thoughts on “Marigold

  1. I only see Marigold in temples and during the festive seasons at home.
    One memory is when we made a team and fought against each other by speedy throw of Marigold flowers around. We turned the floor to golden color till evening. It was time when I was lil. 😁😄

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