Story of a holy tree, Prosopis Cineraria

This is the story of Prosopis Cineraria, narrated by itself .


I am prosopis cineraria.

People call me with various names in different region.

some worship my tree

Some say I bring prosperity.

well what can i say, I don’t know about that,

what I do know is that I demand less water,

and can sustain both arid and semi arid conditions.

That is why you will find me where desert is, mostly.

Though some people also take me to their homes

and consider me sacred just like Tulsi.

Oh they so love me there, in deserts.

After all I understand their scarcity of water

and support them.

They use me for various purpose,

I mentioned worshipping before,

they use me also for food and fodder.

I have been mentioned in many religious books like

Mahabharata and Ramayana.

People have researched on me,

I was surprised to know new things about myself.

They say I have many medicinal and therapeutic uses.

My leaves  are used as
anti hyperglycemia,
anti hyperlipidemia,
antidepressant and
muscle relaxant activity.

My barks are known to be antidiabetic.

My pod is also known to be anti bacterial.

well, I am so thankful and blessed to have been created with love by God.

My other names are Kalp Taru, King of desert and wonder tree.

This is my story,

Thank you for reading.


In India, some trees are worshipped and considered sacred according to  Hinduism like The Banyan tree, Ficus Religiosa or Peepal tree, Tulsi or Ocimum sanctum and Prosopis cineria or Shami tree. 

Note- Pictures were clicked by me, refrain from using them without my consent or without giving a proper credit. Thanks.



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