The Boy at the beach

Yesterday, early morning, I opened my mailbox to find a mail regarding spread the vibe contest.The contest is about sharing an inspiring story from 2015 that the world should know. And right at that moment, first thing rather first story that was on my mind was of a boy. yes a boy, whom I met on a beach. This is the story of The boy at the beach.

I don’t know why but i cannot forget him ever. I don’t know why but I felt the need to make him part of my family. oh wait! what are you thinking? No I was not attracted to him and was not hoping him to be my boyfriend. No, Let me first clear who am I talking about!

I am talking about a Kid of age probably 11 to 12 years. I am talking about a poor kid to be precise from a place in India called Puri. I met him on puri beach and I cannot ever forget him. I want world to meet this guy, know him, know his story and yes I am sure just like it inspired me, it will inspire you, i do not have any heroic act nor any fancy story. It is an everyday story of a normal boy unnamed and unknown, living somewhere unaware of the world around.

Ah! well, In 2015, I and my parents visited Puri. Our hotel was near the beach so we decided to spend some time there in the evening. The tide was high, it was the month of July. Nobody dared to go near the waves and we all watched it sitting on the chairs the hotel had put for its guest on the beach watching the beautiful sea. There were not many people.I watched this boy carry a bag on his back and walk near the waves while even the grown up people stood far away from the high tides. Puri.gifHe caught my mother’s and my eyes right away and we were wondering what was he picking up and why? Mother said he was picking up sea shell and would probably sell it later. we could see that since the tide was very strong, it was breaking the shells.

Soon, the boy saw us watching him and he approached us. I asked him right away, what are you picking up? He showed us sea shells of course, of all types and sizes, small to big, rough to smooth, white and brown.. Then he asked us if we would like to buy it.I looked at mom and prompted her to buy it. He asked us Rs. 80 for each, lol.we smiled at his price and innocent naive attempt to sell it for more.

Mother asked him, “tell me, aren’t you afraid of the tide? ”

He said yes I am, I never go too near,Many people die when they go too close or into the water. That is why i come early in morning to pick these and in evening make small ditches on sand so that when the water level rises and reaches these ditch the seashells are left behind in the ditches. Nobody attempts to go near the water in evening, it will take you away in minutes, he continued.

Mother asked, so at what time do you come early? And he said as early as possible but by 5 in morning and where do you sell these, I interrupted. He said to shopkeepers. They buy it? I asked. “yes sometimes they do”, he said. And how about school? I asked again. “Yes i do go to school but after i go back from here in morning” ,he answered.Your mother send you so early? I continued with my questions trying to talk more about his everyday life and all. He replied, “yes, she wakes me up, my father is a fisherman.” Alas! I asked him so many questions and forgot to ask him his name.Oh well, poor boy. He did not leave even after we bought two shells from him. I picked up the pure white one.

His story inspired me a lot.I saw another fighter that day. He is one of all those fighters whose fight is with Poverty and hunger.

we who are blessed often forget to count our blessings. I wish that boy could only wake up early as soon as possible not to go to pick sea shells but to study before school.

The boy at the beach, standing and watching with us the sea, which is his means of livelihood. Don’t know what was on his mind. But he was smiling, may be he was happy because he sold his sea shells to us and earned money, before going back home. In his pocket right now was money and probably in his mind, all the possible ways he could use it. That boy, happy and unaware of the fact that he made us happier. Unaware of the fact what he taught me. The boy on the beach inspired me.

I wish that boy to be happy, always.

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