The Doctor

one night, few months back, I was walking alone, terrified on a road that lead
to morgue which was on the very end of the hospital, away from the building
few metres away from the hospital compound. This was my job but in my three years of serving that hospital, I never went to the morgue so late.I shivered as i opened the lock and switched on the light.There were no bodies in the morgue.

startled, shocked and terrified I ran out. I stopped when I heard some people talk across the hospital compound.

I leaned down the boundary to see what was going on, I saw they all were taking the bodies away. I overheard two men talk.

The first man said: Too sad the hospital closed down.They have shifted to a better place. After all this old building is now not at all safe after that incidence.
second man : yes, poor doctor. This old building killed him.
First man: Government should have restored and renovated this building far back but corruption is devouring many people, poor doctor! still I wonder how come the concrete slab on morgue house fell on him right when he opened the door.
second man: who knows wasn’t this the same time. Hurry up let’s get back to the new hospital soon. This place is giving me chills.
And they both left.

I fell down as if I was transparent. I did not feel anything, the wall was intact. wait! what?
I turned back, the hospital was dark so was morgue house.I rushed to the cabin,it was locked. I rushed to the gate, it was locked too.

I am waiting since then at this hospitals closed gates for someone to come and open them up.

Will you come?


The End.


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