Just like a Candle

…And she did comeback with guts and in doubt,

 as always,

Thinking to herself,

why be negative after all,

Let them all Perquisite,

while I burn just like a candle.

she just asked for appreciation,

but little she knew,

people tend to take complimentary things for granted. 

She kept burning everyday,

Just like a candle,

And one day,

She smiled and she flickered,

she was gone within minutes.

All her life unappreciated and then forgotten.

Image source: Favim


8 thoughts on “Just like a Candle

  1. For a moment, I thought its your birthday because of the candle picture. But its a different story all together.
    What I think is, she might have lighted everyone till her last flame.

    Hope you are doing good.

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    1. Hahaha, yeah I know it might have been quite obvious from the picture. yes I am fine, I just made this up right now thinking about unfortunate women who burn to light people and are live being unappreciated till one day they finally die. This is sad, I wish people acknowledge complimentary things for those who do them for free seek mostly nothing in return but a little appreciation. 🙂 Glad you could stop by… 🙂 How have you been, any new posts yet for us? Take care Ankit 🙂

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      1. I was knowing where the candle pointed to, after reading it. Very true, and unfortunate.
        You know what, some time back my brother showed a video to me and mom of the same thing. An acting employer calls people looking for a job and asks if they can work for the employer for 24*7 and do everything the employer wants. Some of them agreed and asked what will be the pay, the employer replies “Nothing!”. They all got angry and shouted that who will do a job 24*7 and get nothing as a salary.
        Gently, the employer replies.. “your mother.”
        This is really a small part which I wrote(its lengthy, right? 😄). There is a lot of people out there who don’t get appreciation for the big things they do which appear little to us. Someday the world will be a good place, hope before meteoroid attacks the planet.
        I’ve been fine, thank you for asking. 😊
        I wrote something and its drafted, something real that I can across. Will be posting soon, hope I get a chance to spend more time here.
        Take Care, Aarohi.. Smile a bit, it looks good on you. 😊
        (I think I wrote a lot. 😁 Please bear with me.)

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      2. WOW, I really loved reading about this video. so true. I love my mother and salute all the housewives as well. Tbh, they never quit not even during sickness, it is like,if they quit, we are gone! seriously they tackle all the problems and take care of all our needs and we hardly appreciate them,mostly complain. I do that sometimes too like i end up sometimes complaining, it is human nature i guess, so true haha hope world is a better place soon or let the meteor hit us, waiting for your posts, BEST WISHES. smiling Ankit, thank you! No problem, I loved reading it!! Keep smiling, be joyful. stay blessed 🙂

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      3. You are too kind. 😊
        Just adding, I would say the way we react is not a human nature. Its just mothers from generation never got angry at their kids when they reacted angry and strange, a trend has occurred. Precisely, we can say its in the mothers human nature that is kinder than anything on this planet. 😊
        Look, everything around you is smiling now. 😊

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      4. so true!! Thank you if you find me Kind. 🙂 🙂 Great, keep smiling always. Beautiful thinking and you are really a very beautiful person inside. Keep it up! Am so glad there are people like you who make us this world a beautiful place to live in. Take care. 🙂

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      5. Oh dear!!
        Let me take a snapshot, I will get this print, and get that into a frame and adjust it on the centre free space of the wall. If my mom ever reads this, she will say.. Oh look at this girl, she is being very kind of saying good words for this naughty boy. 😄
        Thanks. 😊 (Remember, if you found me this good! You are the costliest and a form of hardest element on this plant(you know the periodic table) 😋 ).

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      6. aw! oh okay, I do not mind,haha just kidding, so sweet of you, you are most welcome! your mom would understand that I am just being honest, MOTHER KNOWS BEST!! 🙂 Thank you bunches!!!! 🙂

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