Look, a Monkey!!

I  am posting pics of monkey which i clicked last year when I was posted at a rural health care centre. They fled seeing me 😦 or else I could have clicked a better picture. And I was like, whaaaattttttt!!!!!


what could poor Monkey have done,

I started screaming,

They had a great run,

Monkey, Monkey why you run?

Please stay back,

Just for fun,

And just to be clear,

I intended no pun

Lol, haha, ok ok I will leave Poetry alone now..hmm, sad it was to see them plucking these beautiful roses btw, they were sort of eating them, our attendant ran with a stick after them to stop them from plucking these lovely roses. Every time I see these pictures i smile because it brings back the memories of our rural postings. 🙂


Thank you.





6 thoughts on “Look, a Monkey!!

  1. There is a peace in rural places. 😊
    The poem wasn’t bad at all, it sounded amazing, I was reading it like a kid. New thing for me, you are good at photography too.
    They appear to be langoor(langur) and I fear them, they are more daunting then the monkies tho.

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    1. Peaceful! yes. hehe Poem? it won’t even qualify as poem for kids 😀 but i am so glad you liked it. 🙂 I was standing at a distance and was soon joined by attendant and others, so I was not afraid. I hated although how they were plucking beautiful roses. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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      1. If you read from, “Monkey, Monkey why you run?” Like a little kid reading a poem it sounds pretty to ears, like you have become a kid. 😉 It was good.
        Ah! We have cut down their forest for our houses, they are finding places to live.
        It looks okay when humans pluck a flowers and gift it to the ones who don’t like them. And we hate when an animal plucks it. Pretty uneven.
        It is always good to find your posts, luckily I got across twitter and found yours. 😊

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      2. hmm, no but trust me, they were plucking all of them and not even eating them but just ruining, the gardener put whole lotta effort in growing those wonderful roses. Anyways thank you so much, I am so glad you stopped by to read. so sweet of you. 🙂 Thanks again.

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