one coin can change life-short story

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There once lived an old woman on a hill in a far away land with her three sons. she was poor and when she died, she handed each of her son one gold coin which was her lifetime saving. Since there was nothing much to do in their little home on the hills, three sons embarked on their respective journey to fulfill their dreams.

First son desired Love. So he built a house with the gold coin in hope that one day he will have family. one night he heard a knock on his door, he opened to find a little girl who had lost her way. She asked him if he could help, looking at her innocent eyes and sad face, he left immediately to find her home. He asked her about her to tell him all she knew about her home and her parents,from what she described, he took her to the King. She was the princess and the King was very happy to see her. Princess was captured by a mad servant who ran away taking her. Princess said she ate some fruit from a tree and then fell unconscious. Princess somehow ran from the forest and found this house. After thanking the first son, the king rewarded him with gold coins. The first son informed the king humbly that he needed work more than the gold coins and so the King recruited him in his army. soon due to his hard work and commitment to the king, the first son was appointed as King’s minister and then the King chose him to be his son in law. First son lived with the Princess happily ever after with Of course, Love.

Second son desired nothing but was very kind. He left for the town to find work. when he was strolling in the town he saw a poor beggar on street who was very sick and in poor condition. second son gave him the gold coin and left.

Third son desired fame. He too left for the town where while roaming around, he found many people gathered around a man who was playing violin. He saw people cheering,clapping and praising this man. He was amazed at the sight so he waited till the violin man stopped playing. He asked the violin player about what he was playing and where can he get it. Having the address of the shop, he left immediately and bought himself a violin too with the gold coin. He watched everyday the violin player play violin and practised after the show was over. soon the third son was perfect and professional Violin player. He became a famous and worldwide recognized Musician later.

Now, the second son who had given his coin to the beggar found himself a work at a shop, he worked as shop assistant. One day a very rich man walked into his shop.As soon as the man saw the third son, he hugged him and told him he was very happy to find him. He was the same beggar. Now, this beggar once was a rich businessman who went broke before third son found him. This man started his business again with the gold coin and soon became rich again. Ever since then he tried finding the third son. It was by accident that he found the third son today. so now he offered him to marry his only daughter and passed his business to him. The third son of course agreed and lived happily ever after.

Three gold coins, three blessings from a mother was passed on to her sons who had dreams and the courage to follow it. If you spend sensibly even a tiny portion of what you inherit or earn, you may be able to turn your dreams into reality. One coin can change life. 🙂

Thank you for reading.


14 thoughts on “one coin can change life-short story

    1. yep, not necessarily a coin, it is just an example, i mean all that we inherit, earn, even if it is small or little, if spend sensibly and used to follow dreams with courage, dedication etc. we succeed. 😉 ❤

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  1. Beautifully braided the story, i think so not single coin can change the life, but they changed their life from 1. helping nature, 2.generosity, 3. hard work. very nice.

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