The woman by the window

A man returned from his office everyday in evening. He walked through passages between the concrete Jungle everyday to reach the home where his family of four would be waiting for him. one day while returning home, a woman sitting by her window caught his eyes. she looked pale, her long hairs covered half her face and she watched out, expressionless.

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Everyday at the same time, whenever the man would pass that window, he would look up and see the woman gazing out of the window, sitting in the same position, expressionless. He would come home thinking of her and then forget about her totally.

Three weeks passed, the man was used to this sight and everyday he would return he would expect this woman to be there until one day, it rained heavily and the man waited in his office for the rain to stop. He was late than usual. when he walked by that house, he looked up to see if the woman was still there.

The woman was not there. The man thought may be she sits by the window around the time he returns.Next day again, while returning he looked up, the woman was not there. six days passed, the woman was still not there. The man started wondering about her. He got worried and upset. Somehow he felt connected to this woman and she had indirectly became part of his life. He could not control his devious mind which kept thinking about all the possible things that could have happened to her, so he decided to pay her a visit the other day. All day he prepared himself, kept thinking about what he would say to her when he meet her.“what if” and “but” and “how’s” , all of these words were echoing in his mind all day when finally the moment came. Here he was standing at her door, ringing her doorbell.

An old man in his 70s probably opened the door. The man nervously greeted him and then explained him stammering the reason that brought him to his door. The old man looked surprised. He asked the man to step inside, then as the man was in, he asked him to sit down and then left. The man watched him walk weakly in the other room. As the old man  left, the man moved his eyes around the room. A picture of a young couple caught his eyes, he saw the same woman in the picture and standing just beside her was a young man. They both looked happy. The man waited for few minutes impatiently as he was already very tired and he didn’t like the behavior of the old man who kept him waiting. He assumed probably the old man was hosting a party hearing people talk and noise which was coming from the next room. Thinking he is at the wrong time and cursing himself for being there, he quickly got up to leave when he heard the old man call him. The old man returned with an old lady.. they both looked upset and asked the man to follow them.

The man followed them through the stairs to a room which seemed like the same room where the woman would be sitting by the window. They showed him a picture of that woman and asked him if he had seen her. The man replied he saw the same woman and enquired if she was alright. The old lady sobbed and the old man comforted her. They looked shocked. The old lady and man informed the man that the woman he would see has been dead for an year. She was their daughter in law and the day when it rained heavy their son passed away. Today was his funeral. They said that since few weeks their son was sick. He did not take his wife’s death well and had been staying unwell since the day she passed. Hearing what came from the old man’s mouth, the man was left speechless.

After bidding goodbye to old man and lady, the man returned home shocked. That night he could not sleep. This continued for few other nights. His mind could not answer the questions he had and it kept him awake.


Everytime he passed by that window he looked up and imagined both of the lovers standing by the window side gazing the wonderful sky.

The end

Thank you for reading.


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6 thoughts on “The woman by the window

  1. Captivating story. The parents must have felt their daughter died all over again after hearing what the man said about seeing her. How sad!

    Liked by 1 person

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