An act of random Kindness (Teacher I will never forget )

It is wonderful how an act of random kindness stays within our hearts forever. One such act of random kindness was shown by the headmistress of my school when I was in kindergarten. As I long to meet her again, I know It is impossible as she rests peacefully in God’s hand. She stays in my heart although as a wonderful mother-like teacher who showed me that all it needs to make world a beautiful place, is kindness, which will live forever in a heart of a man. I never got a chance to thank her. Never met her after I shifted to another school at an age of 9. I remember her so fondly and her face a bit faintly.

wrinkles on her face,
frightened us ,when she fret,
And when she smiled,
they disappeared revealing,
what once was her beautiful face.

A heart so soft,
our innocence succeeded to melt,
with no child to call her own,
we all were like her children, I felt.

She never married,
And worked passionately
school and children were her all,
whom she loved affectionately.

The stick in her hands,
Usually made me frightened.
Until one day finally,
when things changed,
and little me met the motherly soul,
behind her wrinkled frowny face.

The day my dad was late,
I waited on her front porch,
She called me inside,
and brought me food in a plate,
with a beautiful smile.

I was not hungry but
she was worried
she made me sit with her
and she fed me as she too
started to eat.

That day, she won a heart
of a child with her small
act of generosity.

I wish to thank her from bottom of my heart for touching my heart with generosity at an early age and henceforth teaching me the value of kindness. This post is Dedicated to Late Miss. Victoria for being such a great woman and teacher.

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