Finally..I told my story.(short story)

Each and every Person lives to tell stories. They may be interesting or amusing, horrifying or intriguing, delighting or sad; everyone has a tale of their own. But not everyone is a story-teller. A story-teller speaks magical words that reach not only mind but heart. One such story-teller was a watchman who lived alone in a Mansion which was abandoned by its real master’s years ago.

His personal belongings were limited. As an only child, born in nuclear family I embraced loneliness. I liked it and could live with it. This friendship of mine with loneliness connected me with the man who lived in that abandoned, dilapidated Mansion. We passed by the Mansion every day after school and I watched the watchmen cook his meal. Whenever he looked at me, his eyes had a tale to tell, which touched my heart. Mother asked me to keep away from strangers so I did as she said but always wondered on my way back about that man. Who will take care of him when he is old? Why was he alone? Of all the questions in my mind, these two amused me the most. And so the tale I liked to believe in and somehow my little mind which liked weaving happy stories came up with not only satisfied my curiosity but also made me happy. I decided to make the man a detective like Sherlock Holmes in disguise, in my imagination.

Years passed and Detective of my Imagination passed too. The Mansion however stood now a bit more dilapidated, eerie and popular. Watchman who passed in the Mansion made it popular among the locals for Unexplained Paranormal experiences and things. We now had group of local storytellers who had their stories and claims about their experiences in and out the Mansion. Of all, most amusing to me was that the Watchman who once was tall had now become timid after death and wandered at night as tiny ghost in the Mansion.

All the tales had one thing common; they all were interesting and not true. But who knows and how was I to be sure? When Majority agrees, you may doubt truth itself. So today was my chance. My chance, to tell story that was true. After my dinner, I decided to go for a walk around the Mansion. Since the Mansion was on the roadside, the lights from passing vehicles made it play hide and seek with me. I imagined all sorts of creatures around in the dark and when lights revealed them, chuckled quietly. I was a bit nervous and wondered if the stories were true. But I had to tell my story either way and so here I was in front of the Mansion with a torch in my hand.

My brain instructed me to act wise and avoid entering a dilapidated Mansion in the dark. I listened to my brain this time and my heart which was jumping up and down was happy with my decision too, I felt, seeing that it calmed down quickly. As I sat on the front veranda, I relaxed a bit and watched the moon. It was a quiet and pleasant night. The cool breezes made leaves rustle which acted as lullaby to me and I dozed off quickly within minutes.

I woke up in middle of night to the clatter of Utensils. It was coming from inside the Mansion. I was horrified but gathered up courage soon and I hurriedly lit the torch and found nothing. I entered the Mansion to inspect further, for a moment I felt like a detective myself but soon my fantasy turned into a frantic experience.

Following the sound of clattering led me to a lit room where I was standing in front of a woman who was cooking her dinner. I wondered for a minute if she was a ghost but soon got my answer as she screamed aloud seeing me. That was indeed a funny moment.

The woman calmed down when I explained her reason why I was standing in the Mansion around midnight. I learned that she was a beggar from our short conversation over the midnight tea in a so called Haunted Mansion. She returned late everyday and cooked her meal at night. This Mansion was her home. Her story was tragic and that I kept for the other day. At that time, I had my story about the Mansion and I was eager to hurry back home and write it and so I returned quickly to my home and spent rest of the night scribbling my true story about the Haunted Mansion.


Thank you for reading. Hope you liked.




6 thoughts on “Finally..I told my story.(short story)

  1. You have some very vivid images that allowed me to picture this charming story in my mind’s eye. Maybe it’s just my prejudice, but I wouldn’t usually associate this type of creative writing with dentistry, which seems more technical. 🙂 Of course, other people might say the same thing about lawyers! 🙂

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