Books that had me hooked..

Most noteworthy thing about a good book is that they have you hooked from the very beginning. I hardly got time during my college years to read any book but I did buy some while travelling and longed to read them but never got a chance until 2015 after my graduation. One such book was Dale Carnegie’s bestseller How to win friends and influence people. EverydayI feel glad that I could read it.

Second book that I will mention here is two children’s book series called Nancy Drew and Goosebumps. I loved each one of them and you wouldn’t believe, I read all I could find at my school library.

During pre-med preparations, I was handed a book by a friend. It was one of the chetan Bhagat’s book, Five point someone. First page, second page and then the whole night, I finished this book in one day. It was fun to read.

As a child, we were made to read books like Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas hardy and Major Barbara by George Bernard shaw for an assignment during summer vacation . I was so inspired by Major Barbara that I wrote a poem and remember that my english teacher really liked it.

These two books have been my favourite but of course being a girl, how could I resist Charlotte bronte and Jane Austen. They stole my heart. I ❤ Mr. Darcy! Haha.

And Lastly, I have loved with all my heart, Ruskin Bond’s book esp. Rusty and the Leopard.

Image source : Google image search. 

That is all for now.

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