Quicken (poem)

Quicken before its too late.
Live the moments,
Before there’s no time left.
you are one of the luckiest.
you see, here we are just like a Guest,
Everything on earth is temporary,
Transformed, Transferred and Replaced.
So while you are alive,
quicken and Live your best.

source : Here

So many people walk on earth, be part of it and then leave. What remains of them is their place either in history or in memory of their loved ones. That can never be erased. But sadly, most people forget that we are here for a short while and that each moment is special in its own way. we should make the most out of it.For every time we are taking it for granted, we are missing out the Joy of Life.

Daily Prompt : Quicken

* Carpe diem *

Thank you.



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