Hesitate (short story)

♥ TRUE LOVE ~ is looking together in the same direction. ♥ by Puuung at www.facebook.com/puuung1  ♥:

It was just a regular day.

He was just a regular guy.

It was a regular route that he followed to reach his school regularly at the same time.

And on that particular regular day, he met those familiar eyes.

It was something unusual about that not so regular look. 

Beyond his consciousness, something beyond his present mind, something not so regular and extraordinary was working behind. 

It worked its way and did its magic.

Instantly, the guy was spellbound and felt as if he had known that person for centuries.

As if he was familiar with the soul.

But he hesitated to approach.

Though, he knew that beyond that hesitation was his happiness.

So he gathered courage and asked, Excuse me! Do I know You?

The Girl smiled and said, “yes, It’s been centuries.”

Daily prompt- Hesitate

Thank you.



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