wish (photo challenge)

Monkey wish, dilettante scribbler, arohii

  What does the Monkey wish in both the pictures ? Oh, wish, they left us alone Child! Irritating silly Humans..     I wish looking at these animals that man learns Conserving rather than destroying their homes. Check out The photo challenge ( wish) by wordpress for all other entries and to enter. It would … Continue reading wish (photo challenge)


Books that had me hooked..

Most noteworthy thing about a good book is that they have you hooked from the very beginning. I hardly got time during my college years to read any book but I did buy some while travelling and longed to read them but never got a chance until 2015 after my graduation. One such book was Dale Carnegie's bestseller How … Continue reading Books that had me hooked..

Story of a holy tree, Prosopis Cineraria

This is the story of Prosopis Cineraria, narrated by itself . Hello, I am prosopis cineraria. People call me with various names in different region. some worship my tree Some say I bring prosperity. well what can i say, I don’t know about that, what I do know is that I demand less water, and can sustain both arid and semi arid conditions. That … Continue reading Story of a holy tree, Prosopis Cineraria


The marigold is associated with the sun being vibrant yellow and gold in color. They are also called the “herb of the sun”, representing passion and creativity. To me, Marigold is associated with many childhood memories. we used to have a garden of Marigold in winters. Now we have them planted in pots. I like the yellow Marigold, … Continue reading Marigold