A good Match (poem)

Photo of A shadow and a leaf

what can be a good match? It can be a man and his offspring or, the beads tied to a thin string. It could be anything complementary, either exceptional or ordinary. It could be soul and human body, or smile on face of Noddy. what do you think of this special somebody, a part of … Continue reading A good Match (poem)


Books that had me hooked..

Most noteworthy thing about a good book is that they have you hooked from the very beginning. I hardly got time during my college years to read any book but I did buy some while travelling and longed to read them but never got a chance until 2015 after my graduation. One such book was Dale Carnegie's bestseller How … Continue reading Books that had me hooked..


It is no secret that my blog is my hideout. I have always loved being here. Penned down this short poem in response to Daily prompt, hideout. when world seems unwelcoming, I run in your embrace, Nothing compares to the harmony you bring, you are my hideout, My secret place! -Arohii


Kindness is a smile, It should know, no discretion. Kindness is Generosity, It should know, no inconsideration. Kindness is sharing, It should know, no acquisition. Kindness should be endless, It should know, no limitation. I wish I was kind, I am trying to be one kind person but being human, often makes mistakes. Lets hope that … Continue reading Kindness


Prepare not to excel, at what you do but don’t love. Once upon a time there was this man, Mark, who dropped Harvard School Just to invent Facebook. Had he been continuing what he did not love, we would not even know who he was. Thank you 🙂 -Arohii