wish (photo challenge)

Monkey wish, dilettante scribbler, arohii

  What does the Monkey wish in both the pictures ? Oh, wish, they left us alone Child! Irritating silly Humans..     I wish looking at these animals that man learns Conserving rather than destroying their homes. Check out The photo challenge ( wish) by wordpress for all other entries and to enter. It would … Continue reading wish (photo challenge)


Story of a holy tree, Prosopis Cineraria

This is the story of Prosopis Cineraria, narrated by itself . Hello, I am prosopis cineraria. People call me with various names in different region. some worship my tree Some say I bring prosperity. well what can i say, I don’t know about that, what I do know is that I demand less water, and can sustain both arid and semi arid conditions. That … Continue reading Story of a holy tree, Prosopis Cineraria