Abstract (poem)

The idea of your existence is abstract, It lacks proof, Little does the man know, You do not need any fact, The idea of you is not a goof. (Scribbled in response to Daily Prompt.)


A Flower (poem)

A Flower, Dilettante Scribbler, Poem

A FLOWER Drifting above the bed of leaves, Aiming to reach the sky, Mimicking the wonderful stars, Shining brighter with each try. Cajoling of Bees & butterflies, Making me embrace pride, spreading my wings afar, blushing like a bride. Looking at not so beautiful fate, Dreading now, its power, here lies beside me, once upon … Continue reading A Flower (poem)

center of attention (poem)

Mystical melody flows through his flute, Enchanting Gopis circle around with affection, Krishna is their center of attention.   His Heat could not drive them far, This is another story of a star. Sun enjoys being the center of attention, Indeed, it is one of God's beautiful creation. Daily Prompt, Center.  Thank you. 🙂 -Arohii


It is no secret that my blog is my hideout. I have always loved being here. Penned down this short poem in response to Daily prompt, hideout. when world seems unwelcoming, I run in your embrace, Nothing compares to the harmony you bring, you are my hideout, My secret place! -Arohii