It is no secret that my blog is my hideout. I have always loved being here. Penned down this short poem in response to Daily prompt, hideout. when world seems unwelcoming, I run in your embrace, Nothing compares to the harmony you bring, you are my hideout, My secret place! -Arohii


An Empty Bottle

We are all like an empty bottle, defined and labeled by what we contain. What we contain is directly decided by, what we have been taught,  what we have learned and how we chose to imply it, what we have experienced, And how our surrounding and society have influenced us. The core is all the same. … Continue reading An Empty Bottle


oh this fog got me hibernate inside my blanket Black coffee and little memories books to give me company I am hanging out in my sunny dreams with little drops of sunshine and my glistening skin butterflies, flowers and fresh air the beautiful summer dream.